Refurbished iPad Best Buy: Loop8’s Top Picks

Kieran Anderson

Apple launched the iPad series of tablet computers in 2010. Since then, it has become the go-to tablet for a majority of consumers around the world. In fact, the iPad was what made the tablet computers visible to the masses and is even synonymous with them.

 In 2012, the iPad Mini was introduced into the market, followed by the Air and Pro versions more years later. Since then, these have been updated multiple times and although the most recent models are what people often prefer to buy for their first tablet, its older, refurbished models are still just as useful.

 What’s more, they come with a way smaller price tag that won’t force you to think twice before buying the version of the iPad you have had in your wish list for a while now. If you haven’t been able to decide which model is best suited to your needs, don’t worry - we have tried to make the options clearer for you in this blog.  

 Best Options for iPad Refurbished UK Customers Can Choose From

 While we offer a wide range of models in all the iPad variants, there are some models that are more likely to be the perfect choice for you because of their combinations of features. These are based on a few questions -

  • How big do you want your tablet to be? If you want a tablet for binge-watching or web browsing, then the bigger screen size of the iPad Air is a good option. It is also lighter in weight and slimmer than its counterparts and therefore, easier to carry around.
  • Those who want a smaller and more portable tablet can easily go for one of the iPad Mini models like Mini 2. While the performance won’t be as good as the Pro version, it is ideal for a large number of common tasks.
  • What kind of tasks are you buying it for? Is your tablet going to serve as a device that improves your work efficiency in all ways possible? If so,then go with the iPad Air 2 for an impressive performance that makes you forget about slow load times.
  • On the other hand, if you only want a tablet to play Candy Crush and for social media, then the original iPad Air or even the refurbished iPad Air 3rd Generation will be an excellent option to consider.

 Before you make your final decision, be sure to explore all the technical specifications listed below the product description and key features on each product’s page. They’ll help you narrow down the list further by giving a clearer idea of the capabilities of each item you are considering. 

 Top Suggestions for Apple iPad Refurbished UK Tablets

 Here are our top five recommended iPads in the refurbished department. All of these are available at Loop8 as well:

 Apple iPad Air 2

 £239.99 (16GB, Wi-Fi)

 The iPad Air 2 is the perfect combination of high performance, convenience, and the availability of a wide variety of apps - and all of these come together beautifully in its ever-so-slender frame. 

 iPad Mini 4 Refurbished

 £209.99 (128GB, Wi-Fi)

 Here’s your chance to get a cheap iPad Mini 4, an extremely portable tablet you can carry around with you wherever you go! Not only does it have the TouchID but features that allow you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously while sharing the same screen space.

 Apple iPad Mini 3

 £199.90 (16GB, Wi-Fi)

 While the Apple iPad Mini 3 is a splendid small-screen tablet, you can also select one of the earlier versions if you’re looking to save even more money. That’s because you’ll get nearly the same performance and even a greater storage capacity for £32 less.

 Apple iPad Mini 2

 £157.99 (16GB, Wi-Fi), £167.99 (32GB, Wi-Fi)

 With a superb Retina display and a compact, portable design, the iPad Mini 2 may well be what you are looking for if you want a brilliant screen resolution and a host of features similar to the iPad Air - without the high cost. This model offers the best value for your money since it is also considerably less expensive than the iPad Mini 3, yet it doesn’t show in its performance and functions.

 Apple iPad Mini

 £89.99 (16GB, Wi-Fi), £99.99 (32GB, Wi-Fi)

 The original iPad Mini! Even though it lacks the Retina display, its battery that lasts all day and an all-time low price of less than a hundred pounds are rather impressive qualities! In other words, this model is perfect to help your little one (or even an elderly person) grasp the basics of using an iOS and get conditioned to using an iPad easily.   

 Buying one of these refurbished beauties from Loop8 is even better because it still comes with a twelve-month warranty (unless specified otherwise) - just like the brand new models.