Help & Advice

For in-depth information on the set up and installation of your purchase, please refer to the guide which was shipped with your goods.

Using Microsoft Software

Although LOOP8 LTD is authorized to install Microsoft products onto a Laptop or PC, Microsoft will be responsible for any support you need on the use of their products.

Any customer information, after registration of any Microsoft product, will be held with them. Your information will be their responsibility and how they manage it is covered in their terms & conditions.

Setting Up

• Please ensure that your Laptop or PC is running on mains power when it is first booted up. If the battery were to fail during the install, then it could corrupt Windows.

• Please make a note of your Windows license key once it is revealed. It is not always in the most accessible place when the time to register it comes.

• Once registered, Windows will look for, and install, all outstanding updates - this is perfectly normal and can sometimes take over an hour to complete.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and we'd like to thank you again for choosing LOOP.

Check out our Windows activation instructional video.

If you need help with anything which hasn't yet been covered then please don't hesitate to get in touch at or via our contact form.