Best Refurbished Laptops under 400: Why Loop8’s Products Won’t Let You Down!

Kieran Anderson

How we are able to offer the Best Refurbished Laptops under 400 to our customers

 Whether it is a refurbished Hewlett Packard Elite Book 840 G1 that interests you or a refurbished Apple iPad Mini 4,it pays to take a moment and cross off a few essential details to determine if the product you are getting is effective and functional.

 Although it is very important if you want to ensure you always get a high-quality piece with an excellent warranty that works,doing this can get a bit complicated, especially for first-time buyers.

 That’s why the refurb team at Loop8’s got you covered on that front!

 When it comes to purchasing refurbished laptops or tablets, we always ensure our customer gets the best quality of products. For this purpose, we have stringent quality checks in placethat broke items simply cannot pass because their defects are discovered and fixed sooner rather than later.

 Nevertheless, we have put together some of the things that are checked by our excellent team of IT professionals and made that list for your reference in this blog.

 Things Our Team Checks before Approving Refurb Computers in the UK

 Here are some important things we check to ensure you always get reconditioned products that are in good working order:

  1. Operating System–All laptops at Loop8, such as our HP Elite Book 840 G1, come with pre-installed Microsoft Windows Licenses since Loop8 is a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher. That’s how you know that your choice of refurbished laptop has a genuine version of Windows that you can rely on. 
  2. Cables and Peripherals - All vital cords, cables, and other necessary attachments or accessories are supplied with the product.
  3. Screen–We make sure that every laptop or tablet screen is free from cracks, chips or dead pixels. This is one of the reasons why our products are all Grade A certified refurbished (unless stated otherwise).
  4. Ports–There are many laptops for students UK-based refurbished stores are selling that come with multiple ports but at Loop8, we check every port that comes in the laptops is in excellent working condition. This is a good thing even if you don’t plan on adding external storage or do something that requires a specific port (HDMI, USB, and VGA out). All you have to do is make sure you are getting all the ports you need in the item of your interest.
  5. Specifications–Although you are not physically purchasing the laptop, you can check its specs by going to its webpage on our website. We have listed all the important details in detail followed by a brief version for quick reference. Just give them a read to find out whether all the specifications are as per your needs.Doing this is especially important in the case of iPads because their internal storage capacity cannot be modified.
  6. Warranty - This is another important aspect to consider if you are planning on using your cheap Windows laptop for the long-term because not every seller offers a twelve-month or even a six-month warranty, particularly the private ones. Loop8, however, offers twelve months of warranty, unless specified otherwise.
  7. Test the Device–We do this before the item is shipped to you, the buyer. But we also recommend you to do this as soon as you get the laptop in your hands; power it up and try to run a few programs. Is the performance satisfactory? Does the battery last long enough? If it is unable to hold a charge, you only need to get in touch with us as soon as possible for a replacement.

 What We Save Our Customers From: Things We Take care of that Make Us the Best Refurb Seller in the UK

 Now that you know what we check, here are the main reasons why Loop8 is the best when it comes to purchasing refurbished laptops or tablets. We take a lot of steps in order to guarantee that our customers get the best in renewed and reconditions devices.

 This means Avoiding, Rejecting or Refurbishing Certain Items or Parts, such as the following:

  1. Cords and plugs: We never supply poor cables(ones that are either broken or on the verge of breaking). This is not just because they become too much of a safety risk but also because we want our customers to get their money’s worth and know that they can count on us for high-quality products that come with high-quality cables.
  2. Old or Incompatible Operating Systems: Again, since we are Microsoft Certified Refurbishers, we do not have laptops that use unsupported or incompatible operating systems such as Windows XP or Mac OS X Mountain Lion. We ensure that you always choose a more up-to-date Windows 10 laptop UK based laptops come pre-installed withfrom our store.
  3. Items that are particularly dirty or well-worn show evident signs of neglect are something you will NEVER get at this online store!Our team understands that with laptops and iPads that weren’t well looked after in the first place there is no telling how long they will last the next owner.
  4. Unfair prices: We are well aware of the price that brand-new versions demand in the market, which is why we also know that the last thing you want is an overpriced refurbished laptop. So, you can rest assured that the prices at Loop are as reasonable and competitive as can be!
  5. Untested laptops or iPads–At Loop8, we never sell any of our products without rigorous testing and that is why our customers always get products that are in the perfect working condition.
  6. Equipment that is too old - if the product is older than at least four years; you might end up with compatibility problems between the hardware, the old operating systems and the newer programs.

That’s why we suggest our clients to opt for something more future proof instead, like an HP Elite Book 840 G1 from Loop8 that comes with an Intel i5 processor and 8GB RAM and will last you for an excellent amount of time. 

hp business laptops

 Again, it is worth mentioning here that Loop8 offers the best refurbished laptops under 400 and a warranty of twelve months on all of its certified Grade A products unless specified otherwise. And the specifications of each product offered on our website have been mentioned in detail on the respective product page.

 Here’s hoping you steer clear of stores or sellers with bad reputations and reviews! After all, why waste precious time and money on a second-hand laptop that doesn’t last when you can count on Loop8 to offer the best range of refurbished laptops and tablets!