Refurbished Laptops for Students UK: How They’re Different from Used Laptops

Kieran Anderson

Say you are searching online for a new laptop. The one you have decided to buy is the Hewlett Packard EliteBook 840 G1, but you cannot find it’s brand new version anywhere - only refurbished ones, with some prices lower than you could have imagined!

 These prices sound fantastic but you hesitate. You doubt the quality of these computers - after all, if these have been returned by someone else, there’s got to be something wrong with them. You worry that the one you end up purchasing will stop working after a week or two or won’t start at all, leaving you with an empty pocket and nothing to show for it. 

hp elitebook 840 g1

 Fortunately for you, there’s us! You can purchase a refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G1 from Loop8 and get it in excellent condition for around £269.99. Our collection of refurbished laptops and iPads is the best of both worlds. They are priced lower than brand-new models and present fewer risks than used laptops.  

Refurbished vs. Used Laptops for Students UK

While most of us think ‘refurbished’ is just a synonym for ‘used’, there is a significant difference between the two. Used goods are always those that are previously owned and are secondhand, which means they had been bought by another person, used for a period, and then sold.

 Refurbished products, on the other hand, are not quite the same. Yes, these goods were bought by someone else and then returned for whatever reason, but they have not necessarily been used before being returned or sold. Either way, these goods are thoroughly checked for functionality, following which some minor tweaks or fixes are made before the product is considered sellable.

 To sum it up, while used laptops can be fixed and refurbished, it doesn’t mean every used gadget is refurbished. On the contrary, all refurbished laptops are used and are in excellent working order. You can view the best refurbished laptops under 400 here.

 In many cases, products are returned because of torn packaging or simply due to minute blemishes that only make the product appear used when it hasn’t been used for a day. Sometimes, people buy the laptop of their choice but then something makes them change their mind, leading them to return it, something now commonly referred to as ‘buyer’s remorse’. All of these unused laptops ultimately come under the refurbished category and increase your chances of getting the best budget high performance laptop or tablet that hasn’t been used at all for a steal. 

 Other cases involve refurbished products that have been sent back due to malfunctions. These can range from minor disturbances to major faults, all of which are duly noted and gotten rid of with great care and expertise. When you choose a refurbished laptop, you can remain assured that all of the issues with it, if any, were properly detected and fixed before delivering it to you.