Apple Refurbished iPad Mini 4 64GB: Buy from the Best in the UK

Kieran Anderson

Currently, Apple offers quite a big range of different iPads to choose from. While buying a brand new piece might seem like a no-brainer most of the time, there are instances where it is more than what the requirement calls for-and more than you want to pay for.       

apple refurbished ipad mini 4 64gb

 If you’d prefer to save some money while still being able to gift yourself or a loved one a reliable product - say for instance, for a child or parent to learn the ways of an iOS - then the answer is simple - buy Apple refurbished products! Yes, we mean a ‘used’ iPad that has actually been restored completely to like-new condition. Refurbished is an excellent choice for all those times when you don’t really require up-to-the-minute devices that came straight off the assembly line into your hands.

 Also, while the new iPads are too rich for many consumers’ blood, there are models like the Apple refurbished iPad Mini 4 64GB sold by Loop8 here in the UK that you certainly shouldn’t overlook if you want an iPad Mini at a significant discount. This is because not only will it save you money in the short term but it also comes with a twelve-month warranty - same as Apple store refurbished products. 

 More Reasons to Buy Cheap Refurbished iPads for Sale at Loop

 Although the company that manufactures all of these also repairs and resells their older/used versions, turning to a third-party refurbisher like Loop8 instead, is better for a number of reasons: 

  1. Loop8 is a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher and has many trusted partnerships with different suppliers. This is how we ensure that only the best quality of stock comes in. Additionally, all of our products are thoroughly vetted and undergo a series of quality checks before it is sent out to the customers, which is why we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase every time.
  1. Even though our devices come with used batteries, we assure at least one hour of holding capacity. Any batteries that do not fulfill this criterion are replaced by our team as long as they are brought to our attention within a week of their receipt. In the end, you get a pristine-looking refurbished iPad from Loop8 with a battery that works.
  1. As mentioned before, you get a full warranty of twelve months on our Certified Grade A products - that means all of Loop8’s refurbs include the same warranty as new iPads - unless mentioned otherwise. So, if you encounter any issues in that time, you surely won’t be stuck paying us for out-of-guarantee-period repairs.

 The Best in Apple iPad Refurbished UK has to Offer

 As of this post, the Loop8 store has an excellent selection of Wi-Fi versions of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPads along with the original iPad Mini (the one without Retina). In fact, we have a fantastic range of Apple store refurbished iPads in our store, so there’s a good chance for you to find the model, capacity, and color that you want to get at any given moment.

apple ipad refurbished uk

 Therefore, if you’re looking to save money on the iPad you wish to purchase, check out our refurbished store and shop with confidence. Your purchase from Loop8 is definitely a safe one from a long-term perspective as well and we even throw in free shipping for orders given before 1 PM!