iPad Refurbished UK: Buy One in Like-New Condition

Kieran Anderson

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you can afford to gift an iPad this Christmas, Loop8’s great prices on iPad refurbished UK options will surely help you turn things around.

 But why an iPad? For starters, the revered iPad by Apple is a brilliant combination of greater functionality and mobility, both of which make it the preferable choice over a laptop for many customers. It also seems to be a more affordable gadget since it packs more features into it than the average laptop.

 Not only that but it is fairly adaptable as well; you can use the touch screen or switch to a wireless keyboard whenever you like. It’s virtually a larger version of the iPhone. And who doesn’t want an iPhone these days amirite?

 Besides, even if someone already has an iPhone, there are some tasks they would rather do on a device with a larger screen, such as reading, editing photos, taking notes, and surfing the web. In such cases, an iPad seems to be a great alternative as it makes these tasks more convenient while maintaining the ease of portability at the same time. 

apple store refurbished

 Help Your Budget and the Environment: Buy Apple Refurbished

 Although buying one may not seem so easy since one still has to consider their bank account, any budget constraints can be fixed with Loop8’s Apple store refurbished range. Think about it - choosing a refurbished product will not only help you stay on your budget, but it also helps us consider the environment for a change and actually goes a long way in reducing your carbon footprint.

 Instead of being a part of the electronic waste problem, you can be a part of the solution by purchasing refurbished electronics, like an Apple refurbished iPad Mini 4 64GB at Loop8! While they look and work good as new, they are way less expensive as compared to fresh off the shelf.

 This blog contains a bunch of various options ranging from £79.99 to £229.90, that will help you fill those Christmas stockings this year:

iPad Refurbished UK - Loop8’s Range

 iPad 2

The iPad 2 may have gotten old but it certainly isn’t obsolete! It’s got a Dual-core Cortex-A9 chip that’ll enable you to get more done faster, and you can do quite a bit on this iPad like making FaceTime calls, taking pics, and recording HD videos in 720p. It also has a good battery life and lasts up to ten hours on a single charge.


Apple iPad 2 16GB Black – £79.99

Apple iPad 2 32GB Black – £89.99

Apple iPad 2 64GB Black – £99.99

Apple iPad 2 16GB White – £89.99


iPad 3

If you want a step up from the iPad two and buy iPad 3 instead, you will get the same processing speed but a more powerful RAM and a better rear camera in the form of a 5MP iSight camera. You will also get to enjoy Siri functionality from this model forward.


Apple iPad 3 16GB Black – £84.99

Apple iPad 3 32GB Black – £109.99

Apple iPad 3 16GB White – £104.99

Apple iPad 3 32GB White – £109.99


iPad 4

Launched right at the end of 2012, the fourth-generation iPad comes with more hardware enhancements such as a Retina display along with faster processing with the dual-core 1.4 GHz Apple A6X chip.


Apple iPad 4 16GB Black – £134.55

Apple iPad 4 32GB Black – £164.99

Apple iPad 4 64GB Black – £169.99

Apple iPad 4 16GB Space Grey – £149.99

Apple iPad 4 32GB Space Grey – £154.00


iPad Mini

An amazingly compact version of the iPad, the iPad Mini must not be judged by its size as it definitely packs a punch. Despite having a smaller screen - 7.9 inches as opposed to the 9.7 for the bigger models - you can still do all the tasks you would do on, say an iPad 4, with ease. The battery also runs 10 hours on a single charge like the other larger models.


Apple iPad Mini 16GB Space Grey - £84.99

Apple iPad Mini 16GB Silver - £89.99

Apple iPad Mini 32GB Black - £119.90


Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB Silver - £157.99

Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB Space Grey - £157.99

Apple iPad Mini 2 32GB Space Grey - £169.99


Apple iPad Mini 3 16GB Space Grey - £199.90


iPad Mini 4 refurbished 16GB Gold - £229.90

Apple iPad Mini 4 16GB Silver - £229.90

Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB Silver - £249.90

Apple iPad Mini 4 16GB Space Grey - £229.90

Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB Space Grey - £249.90


 iPad Air

The iPad Air was launched in 2013 and revealed to offer a slimmer design with features rather similar to the iPad Mini. It weighs less than half a kilogram and incredibly convenient to carry around anywhere - on a plane, to the local cafe or around your home.


Apple iPad Air 16GB Space Grey – £149.99

Apple iPad Air 32GB Space Grey – £154.00

Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver – £169.99


Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Space Grey – £195.00

Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Space Grey – £255.00

Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Silver – £219.90