Buying the Best Apple iPad Refurbished UK-Based Stores Offer: Easier than it Seems!

Kieran Anderson

Apple launches a fresh model of its iPad almost every year since it introduced the tablet computer series in 2010. At present, it offers four variants - the original iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

 The new generation for iPad Pro is here which means it’s a good time to take a look at its older versions. This is true in the case of any gadget - when something new is out, you can score a great deal on the previous versions, especially the refurbished ones like the Apple refurbished iPad Mini 4 64GB. And because some variants are more costly than others, you may even be looking forward to such an opportunity.

Apple iPad Refurbished UK: Know What Refurbished Means

 If you’re tuning in just now, here’s what a ‘refurbished’ device means: one that may have been used or simply returned soon after being purchased, but has since been tested and updated by refurbishers like us so that it works like a new product. The skilled and experienced team at Loop8, in particular, ensures that every electronic device we receive is made to go through an extensive quality check.  

 Additionally, if you are thinking of buying a laptop instead, you have come to the right place. That’s because Loop8 is a Microsoft Certified Refurbisher and strictly adheres to the essential guidelines set by Microsoft in terms of quality, which means that you only get the best quality along with a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows License pre-installed in your laptop.

 Ultimately, refurbished products such as the cheap refurbished iPads for sale at Loop8 are great news for consumers since they are close to new yet available for a significantly lower price. So, if you have decided it’s time for you to have an iPad, your choice of the model may depend on what you want it for. However, no matter what your requirements may be, buying refurbished almost seems like a no-brainer, considering how similar the newer generations of iPads are to their older counterparts.

 Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you make the best choice -

 Consider an older generation

 This especially applies to iPads launched in 2018 all the way back to the second generation (you can find them on Loop8). That’s because an older iPad is a smart alternative if you are in the market in search of an affordable tablet but don’t necessarily require the latest bells and whistles. This is especially true if the so-called new features are not that much different, to begin with, and are a noticeable addition to the cost.  

iPad Air Vs. iPad Mini

 If you are thinking of choosing one of the Air or the Mini variants, now is a great time to own one of these since they are both loaded with features. On our website, you will find plenty of options for both of these, including the iPad Mini 4 refurbished. We offer WiFi-only models, and the iPad Mini 4 at 16GB is available at £239.99 in excellent condition. In fact, it’s Grade A certified and as good as brand new!  

 iPad Air appears to be the best of both worlds - it’s lighter than the main iPad and is more portable, yet offers the same screen size; this proves invaluable for consumers seeking mobility without compromising on the size of the display. The newest generation of the iPad Air is the 3rd one, launched around the same time last year (18 March).

 Even though the iPad Air 2 seems a highly outdated predecessor, by comparison, it’s features are definitely worth considering, given that it was among the models that came with the much-anticipated Retina Display and enhanced cameras for a smooth experience, so it looks pretty good too.